Safely Stow Update: We've Updated the Design and Streamlined Login

Login Should be Easy!
We have updated our design, set up for future upgrades and got rid of passwords! All authentication is by email-link or phone-text. This makes login quicker and safer.

In addition to cleaning up the design and introducing a new navigation structure, we have simplified the login process.

One of the necessities for our system is for users to verify both their email and their phone number. This ensures users are legitimate and that contact information is accurate.

Doing this while maintaining an easy setup and login process is tricky. We believe we have the foundation built for one of the most advanced and easiest authentication flows in the industry.

Once a user is logged in, main screen navigation is simplified with some animations thrown in.  This gives the user the sense that they never need to leave the front screen, while providing full functionality.  Making this app easy enough for grandparents to use is our goal.

In future updates, we’ll be adding advanced messaging to allow teachers to message with individual parents, classes and the entire facility. In addition, parents will be able to connect with and chat with other parents and assign pick-ups for any other friends within the system.

Thanks for your patience and feedback as we develop this system from “Minimum Viable" to “Everything You Hoped For."  Please email us at for feedback….we need it!

Watch a Summary
Of all the Safely Stow upgrades and functionality changes.

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